A little blogging break…

The blog isn’t going anywhere. However, I’ve been on a little blogging break.

Between my research, involvement in ParkinGo, teaching yoga and growing a new little member of our family (yup! due this month!), I’ve had to prioritize how I spend my time.

I’m not going anywhere. However, I’m going to spend the next bit of time focusing on parenting.

I don’t plan to leave the Internet world altogether. If you want to know where to find me to ask a question or simply say hello, you can comment below or find me HERE



If you’re new to the blog and want to dig in a bit, you’re welcome to read through my archives. And if you’ve been (patiently!!) waiting for new content, that will come.

For now, THANK YOU for understanding. I’ve appreciated interacting with so many of you and look forward to doing so again soon.

much love, K.


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