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may YOU be happy: a book review

I recently read “May I be Happy: a memoir of love, yoga and changing my mind” by Cyndi Lee. This inspiring memoir reflects her lifelong struggles with body image and insecurities. It has a great message about being kind to oneself and how we can use our yoga practice to change our relationship with our body and the life choices… Read more »

Poser: “real yoga is in the crappy pose that you are really feeling”: a book review

I recently read Claire Dederer’s book on her decade-long love affair with yoga… and how it challenged her basic idea of how to be a wife, child, parent and friend. I pulled 3 passages that really resonated with me on how yoga truly changes the way we live in the world. I’m going to let these quotes speak for themselves…… Read more »

hell-being: competitive and hot yoga

I recently read “Hell-Bent: obsession, pain and the search for something like transcendence in competitive yoga”. Not only does this book follow  the writers personal yoga journey from fat and unhealthy to fit and flexible, but provides it within the context of the world of competitive yoga and Bikram yoga. Bikram yoga is a 26-pose sequence undertaken in a 105-degree heated… Read more »

Favourite things – parkinson’s resource books: exercise

1. This book outlines not only yoga, but also covers range of motion exercises, low to no-impact aerobics, strength training, relaxation/meditation and T’ai Chi. The exercises are explained in detail utilizing safe body mechanics and has illustrated variations. This complete wellness program also offers information on home safety, fall prevention, activities of daily living, and body mechanics (including how to get up from the floor)… Read more »

Favourite things – parkinson’s resource books: general info

1. A new book put out by the American Academy of Neurology. It’s contains up-to-date research and is directed towards all people living with Parkinson’s – including person with PD, caregiver , family members, etc. It focuses on how to discuss your diagnosis, how to ask neurologist questions, ways to relieve burden and improve quality of life … and has… Read more »

my favourite things – parkinson’s novels

– 1. The imaginative, hilarious, and moving memoir of a 43-year old woman coping with both Parkinson’s disease and breast cancer. With irreverent and at times mordant humour, Most of Me chronicles Levy’s early, mysterious symptoms of Parkinson’s (a dragging left foot, a frozen left hand, and a crash into “downward dead dog” position on the yoga mat), and her life dealing with… Read more »

review: most of me

so, lately life has been full! i’ve been… – …in ontario presenting at the Canadian Association of Gerontology and celebrating november birthdays in october – …flooded out of our apartment and trying to make a cozy home in a nearby hotel-suite – BUT, most importantly i’ve been reading an AMAZING book… bio/background: robyn michele levy is a Vancouver CBC broadcast journalist… Read more »

Love, Politics & Parkinson’s disease

well, I finally got around to reading the book Saving Milly: Love, Politics, and Parkinson’s disease by Morton Kondrake, an American political commentator and journalist (his wiki page). – it’s an honest insight about caregiving, funding, politics, research and love in the face of Parkinson’s disease. – In 1987, Milly notices that she can’t write a normal K and that her handwriting… Read more »