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VOTE surfrider VI for Phillips benefit brew!

Living on the West Coast we are involved in surf culture… we spend a lot of weekends among the waves and even gear our yoga practice towards surfing. We especially support the Surfrider Foundation, Darc is the treasurer for the local chapter and you can often find us on weekends out cleaning up the beaches. This year the local brewery Phillips will… Read more »

graduation: then and now.

June 1988: Kindergarden graduation. There was a procession, music, fun hats, good friends and getting your photo with the teacher. – June 2014: Doctoral graduation. There was a procession, music, fun hats, good friends and getting your photo with the teacher. Well that’s about it as far as graduations go. Thank you to everyone who supported me throughout this PhD… Read more »

Find your “special thing”

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.” ~Rumi You know what it is. You’ve always known. You drew pictures of it when you were small. But then, job, kids, house, yard, family, friends, house, yard, work, computer came along. It sits under all that “busy me”. It’s your dharma, your purpose. You might already… Read more »

what i’ve been up to…

After successfully defending my PhD (read about it HERE!) and submitting my final version (check out the full version HERE!) I started my new adventures in post-doc (my humble beginnings HERE)! Now, life after the PhD has been different. Beyong the constraints of the dissertation, you realize there is a world of opportunity waiting for you… then you snap back to… Read more »

happy holidays!

kaitlynroland   December 21, 2012   No Comments on happy holidays!

well, it’s official. the holiday season is starting. we are dropping Levon off with his friends at Pet Pampering (boy, is he excited!!) and Darc and I are leaving on a jet plane. I know a lot of you are travelling this season, here is a wonderful post from Daily Cup of Yoga about “Up in the Air Yoga” –… Read more »

my favourite things – yoga for surfing

We are heading up to Tofino to celebrate the long weekend (and my 29th birthday!), so I thought I’d share some of my favourite things about surfing… Since moving to Vancouver Island, we’ve been giving surfing a try. Our first surfing experience was in Lagos, Portugal during one of our European adventures when Darc was living in Germany. – After… Read more »