happy holidays!

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well, it’s official. the holiday season is starting.

we are dropping Levon off with his friends at Pet Pampering (boy, is he excited!!) and Darc and I are leaving on a jet plane. I know a lot of you are travelling this season, here is a wonderful post from Daily Cup of Yoga about “Up in the Air Yoga” – some tips, advice, and practices to help you travel in yogi-style.

yoga at 3,000fthttp://www.lululemon.com/community/blog/yoga-at-30000-feet/

yoga at 3,000ft http://www.lululemon.com/community/blog/yoga-at-30000-feet/

Have a wonderful holiday – see you in January! much love.

Christmas morning, Port Elgin ON 1985

Christmas morning in Port Elgin, 1985 (still sleepy!)

neighbourhood santa Christmas 1988

neighbourhood santa Christmas 1988 (a bit creepy, right?)

Christmas 1989

Christmas in North Sydney, 1989 (apparently my only PJs?)

Christmas in Magdeburg Germany 2007

Christmas in Magdeburg Germany, 2007

Christmas in Kelowna 2009
Christmas in Kelowna BC, 2009

Christmas in Port Elgin, 2010

Christmas in Port Elgin, 2010

Tequila Christmas in Cabo, 2011

Christmas in Cabo, 2011

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