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so, it’s officially 2012… the party hats have been put away and it’s back to reality. And this year i’ve met my match of resolutions: mono-tasking

This is a concept that I’ve been sitting with for a while. I admit, in some instances, being able to juggle multiple papers and projects at various stages of completion, keeping your eye on the time (deadlines!), while still making time for the people and activities you love can be helpful… however, sacrificing quality for quantity never seems to pay off, and usually I end up just feeling overwhelmed, instead of productive.

I first heard the term “mono-task” from Erica Rodefer; she brought up the idea that a yoga practice could teach us how to mono-task instead of multitask. Her example, when you’re balancing in Tree Pose, you can’t even think about anything else or you’ll lose your balance and fall. This relates to everyday life, for me specifically I realized that I can’t brush my teeth while doing other things – the tooth brush just sits there and you get drool all over! Face it – you can’t get stuff done (or have fun!) if you’re focused on something else…

my new year resolution: do one thing until I’m finished, and then move on to the next thing.

one posture, one breath, one step at a time… wish me luck. much love.

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