one tooth at a time

Happy (Mindful) Wednesday!

Every Wednesday I plan to sharing the joys and struggles of my journey with “mono-tasking”. I think this idea can help create awareness in your life and foster an appreciation for the little moments, which is pretty sweet.

1. Three minutes of teeth time

I have this feeling that brushing my teeth is an opportunity to get other things done … so I have a “funny” habit of putting toothpaste on, putting the toothbrush in my mouth and immediately leaving the bathroom sink in hot-pursuit of another chore (getting my bag packed for the next day, prepping breakfast, getting dressed, feeding my dog, folding laundry… you get the idea!)

and to be honest, after a minute or two I end up looking like this…

pre-mono tasking

My dentist friends would be happy to know I have stared at my own reflection for 3 full minutes every time I brush my teeth! This may be biased opinion, but I think my teeth are whiter and my gums are healthier – plus I get some quality “me time” with my reflection (benefits yet to be determined).

I figured I might as well start small, and hopefully the accumulation of mindful small tasks done with awareness will create a some good habits and spread to other areas. This is still just a theory of what could happen, but that’s what keeps life exciting, right?

… many more mindful tasks and ways to create awareness to come. much love.

do you have any multi/mono-tasking challenges? the way to overcoming challenges can be as simple as sharing … and that what comments and community are for 🙂

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