Poser: “real yoga is in the crappy pose that you are really feeling”: a book review

I recently read Claire Dederer’s book on her decade-long love affair with yoga… and how it challenged her basic idea of how to be a wife, child, parent and friend.

I pulled 3 passages that really resonated with me on how yoga truly changes the way we live in the world. I’m going to let these quotes speak for themselves…


On developing awareness and the ability to focus on the present moment:

People think yoga is boring… And it is. If you fling yourself into the pose, and let your mind wander, and merely tolerate the experience. But if you concentrate hard, the pose becomes the most interesting thing on earth, in fact the only thing on earth. (p 152)

On being with what is, good or bad, uncomfortable or comfortable, without judgment:

Stillness … was scary. I was incredibly uncomfortable and there was nothing I could do about it. I could not move more quickly or focus on the next transition. There was no task to complete, no clock to watch, … no dinner to make, no car to fill with gas, no deadline to meet. There was nothing I could do to solve this. All I could do was be with it. (p 229)

On being “good” at yoga:

Those of you who are really bad at yoga, you’re in the right place. I hope everyone will allow themselves to be really crappy today, to walk away from being perfect The real yoga isn’t in the perfect pose, it’s in the crappy pose that you are really feeling. You want to feel it from the inside out, rather than make it perfect from the inside in.” (p 271)

… my, how that rings true for me! much love.


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