Current Research & Opportunities

Research Training

Kaitlyn’s CV available Curriculum Vitae_ROLANDFeb102016 (pdf)

Current Research Grants

  • University of Victoria / SSHRC Internal Research Grant (2013-2014)
  • Michael Smith Foundations for Health Research – Post-doctoral Fellowship Award (2013-2016)
  • Canadian Institute of Health Research – Post-doctoral Fellowship Award Gender, Work & Health Priority Announcement (2012-2014)
  • Alzheimer Society Research Program – Post-doctoral Fellowship Award *awarded, but declined (2012-2014)

Ongoing Studies

  • is caregiver well-being impacted by dementia presentation across neurodegenerative diseases?
  • what does meaningful activity mean for dementia caregivers?
  • a typology examining caregiving factors with respect to specific dementia presentation in four disease groups.

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2 thoughts on “Current Research & Opportunities

  1. Mara Eckhardt

    Hi Kaitlyn. I was part of the Kripalu retreat for newly diagnosed Parkinson’s persons and Caretakers. I am interested in participating your research study on caretakers.

    1. kaitlynroland

      Hi Mara, great to hear from you and THANKS for offering to participate. I send you a Facebook message (because I don’t have your email address!); you can email me directly at and I can let you know the details/process. THANKS again!


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