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(more) professional athletes with Parkinson’s… an ongoing discussion

Something that keeps showing up in the news. Former professional athletes (from all arenas) coming out with Parkinson’s diagnoses… – Steve Ludzik (NHL) – Dave Parker (MLB) – Brian Grant (NBA) – Forrest Gregg (NFL) … is it the repeat blows to the head leading to Brain Injury (see post HERE)?┬áif so, how do we make these games safer (concussion-wise),… Read more »

from research to real life – brain injury and Parkinson’s

Recently, there has been lots of talk about head injuries and neurodegenerative diseases… In September 2012, a study was published stating professional football players at 3 times more likely to develop neurodegenerative diseases than the general population (from CNN). 3 players from the 334 included in this study were diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, though this was not significantly different than… Read more »