the ABCs of yoga benefits

the research on yoga in academic journals is limited… however, science is starting to catch up with what yoga practitioners have known for years.


April 23, 2001 (click to read full story)


yoga benefits (click on link to read the original research)…


Arthritis & hand-grip strength (Dash & Telles, 2001)

Balance (Schmid, 2010)

Cancer care (DiStasio, 2008)

Depression (Pilkington, 2005)

Effective stress management (Granath, 2006)

Fall-risk (Brown, 2008)

Gait (DiBennedetto)

Heart rate (Cowen)

Inflammation in chronic heart failure patients (Pullen et al., 2008)

Juvenile offenders (Derezotes, 2000)

Kyphosis (Greendale et al., 2009)

Low back pain (Williams, 2005)

Muscular steadiness (Hard & Tracy, 2008)

Non-insulin dependent diabetes (Jain et al., 1993)

Osteoarthritis (kolansinski, 2005)

Pain (chronic) in older adults (Morone, 2007)

Quality of life for dementia caregivers (Waelde)

Respiration (Danucalov)

Stress (Smith)

Treatment of migranes (John et al., 2007)

Urological disorders (Ripoll & Mahowald, 2002)

Verbal aggressiveness (Deshpande, Agendra & Raghuram, 2008)

Wrists, especially carpel tunnel syndrome (Sequeira, 1999)(Garfinkel, 1998)

Xerox photocopy salesmen in the Monashee Mountains (O’Neill & Sargent, 2010)

Youth (weight management & well-being) (Benavides & Caballero, 2009)

Zzzz’s (Chen 2009)

… or check out my contribution to the literature -> (Roland et al., 2011)



… so what are you waiting for?


all rolled up and ready for some yoga!


unroll your mat and do some good for your body, mind, heart & soul. much love.

0 thoughts on “the ABCs of yoga benefits

  1. Alicia

    Great website! And love this post.. I am currently “investigating” some prenatal yoga and hoping it benefits this whole labor thing!

    (and wow they ran an 8 page article in Times about yoga, that’s impressive! and Christy T looks awesome!).

    1. kaitlynroland

      thanks! hope everything is going well with your pregnancy… you’re going to be an amazing mum!
      i can forward along some articles on the benefits of yoga for pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and even postpartum-depression if you want! so wonderful!! xo

  2. Alicia

    that would be much appreciated, I’d love to have some pregnancy related yoga reading! I started my first prenatal class last Saturday and LOVED it!! They even served herbal tea and cookies and juice afterward for all us starving preggos 🙂


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