time to eat! … and mindful kitchen time

As some of you know, we were flooded out of our apartment for TWO MONTHS in the fall

the reflection is due to the 3inches of water on our bedroom floor

We were pretty lucky, insurance covered any damages (minimal!), stored our belongings and paid for our “accommodations” during those two months… Levon got a kick out of the big hotel bed and friendly staff 🙂

We were lucky to have the excuse to treat ourselves to some great meals out in Kelowna (RaudzWasabi! Minstrel Cafe!)

not in kelowna (Seattle, actually)... but one of our dinners (feast?) 😉

… but it got pretty old after a while and we really started to miss our own prepared food… not knowing where the ingredients came from and how it was put together started to decrease how much I enjoyed “meal time”.

Now, typically I’m not the chef in the house…

ahhh Darc's bread


Darc's hand-cut fresh pasta, yum!

but since Darc has been learning some new (financial) skills and has been busy in the evenings, I’ve tried to do my part in the kitchen. I have to tell you, it felt a little bit stressful at first (how would I compare? what do I even want to eathow would talk on the phone? … see “Meaningful Conversations”)

But, with the help of weekly produce delivery (thanks Urban Harvest Organic Delivery!), I’m starting to enjoy the process…

i’m taking the time to chop (though, Darc would agree I’m not so great at wielding a knife!), peel, and be creative! It’s a nice break from my to-do list, school work, and other commitments… I’ve been putting my mono-tasking skills to use (VERY tough in the kitchen!) and it’s been a fun process 🙂 … and the reward you get from putting in the time and energy makes my belly happy (and I think Darc’s too). So grab a bowl, spoon and spend some time in the kitchen, you’ll never know what you’ll whip up by doing one thing at a time! much love.

a plate of spicy cabbage on spaghetti squash and a bowl of carrot/cabbage/beet coleslaw (...yes, we got a big delivery of cabbage we needed to use up!)

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