work-life balance / take a time out, caregivers!

I came across a WONDERFUL blog post this morning… Nora Issacs guest blog post on Yoga Journal discussed how work/life balance is achievable… and do you know what point#1 was? STOP MULTITASKING!

I knew I was on to something… hope you’re still with me 🙂 You can check out the post by clicking HERE!

… now, on another note…

caregivers in langley BC, listen up! i’m coming to you! March 15th at the Langley Golf Centre from 1-4pm

what a great opportunity to connect with the local PD caregiving community, learn a few tips and take some TIME OUT for yourself, you deserve it 🙂 much love.

Head to this link for more information Time Out for Caregivers! Langley Workshop | Parkinson Society British Columbia

much love.

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