yoga for parkinson’s kripalu retreat with the national parkinson foundation

Hey everyone! Sorry for the radio silence around here! My schedule has been full of yoga, research and visitors 🙂

I was grateful to be included as a speaker at the latest A Wellness Retreat for People with Parkinson’s and their Care Partners. The retreat was hosted again at the Kripalu Centre for Yoga and Health in partnership with the National Parkinson Foundation.

We had Dr. Nina Brower discussing Parkinson’s 201. Her talk focused around how therapies (pharmacology, surgery, exercise) manage the production of dopamine, which is like the gas for your car. Dopamine also works in conjunction with other cells that tell it when to increase or decrease production.

The wonderful Susan Imke gave a really insightful talk on relationships, communication, sexuality and how care partners can start caring for themselves.

The staff at Kripalu, including Aruni, Maria, Megha, Annie and Steven Cope, enabled us to integrate the material, feel it in our bodies, and create healthful adaptations to change and lasting transformation.

Yoga teaches you to use breath as an anchor and be in the moment, making each of the moments joyful. Enjoy the picture below!













The staff at National Parkinson Foundation was incredible, and I was grateful to be included in discussing how people with Parkinson’s can be informed about exercise and how the body moves. If you are interested in attending the retreat in October 19-23, check out the link HERE! And, see my previous posts on NPF-Kripalu retreats for more pictures, descriptions and schedule ideas: June 2012,June 2013October 2013 (click on dates for links).

And don’t forget to check back later next week when I kick off my “summer series”! … much love.



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