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Postdoc 101

kaitlynroland   February 5, 2015   No Comments on Postdoc 101

I get a lot of people very cautiously approaching the question: what is a postdoc? what do you actually do? TRANSLATION: *do you have a real job? If so, what is it? I was a fairly successful graduate student. I had an amazing support team (PhD co-supervisors, committee members, colleagues and good friends) and some tri-council research funding; I completed… Read more »

back to school, back to school…

Today, I officially started my POST-DOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP at The University of Victoria. – I wandered around to get my bearings and scope out the best coffee spots. – And found my way to my new home … – Here in office #308 I will think great things (i’m sure of it!) and learn a thing-or-two along the way … if… Read more »