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“this is your brain on the couch”: inactivity changes the brain

We know that the┬ábrain retains plasticity, or the capacity to be reshaped, throughout our lifetimes. And that exercise is particularly adept at remodeling the brain,┬áprompting the creation of new brain cells and other positive changes. I posted previously about the dangers of sedentary time (HERE). Now it seems that inactivity can also remodel the brain. A study (Mischel et al…. Read more »

sit less and move your as… ana

Sedentary lifestyles are killing us. ‘Sedentary‘ is defined as the act of sitting… sitting on the couch, sitting in the car, sitting at your desk, sitting to eat. ‘Sedentary’ does not mean ‘inactive’. ‘Inactive‘ is defined by an individual not meeting current recommendations for physical activity – Ayurveda, the sister-science to yoga, focuses on balanced, stable and nourishing routines. Ayurveda… Read more »