Can aging really be cured?

Have you seen the October cover of The Atlantic?


Gregg Easterbrook discusses how society will change if life-expectancy trends continue (umm, meaning if we all continue to live longer!). Life expectancy is currently 83 years in Canada, and if the trend continues – by the end of the century, it will be 100 years!

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Longevity research is a hot topic – both private research facilities and public universities are dedicated to studying ways to make organisms live much longer, and with better health, than they naturally would. But are we simply adding time? Or living longer with good vigour?

And what are the societal risks that would accompany longer life-span? Politics? Social security? Private pensions? Health care costs? … and this would be exaggerated if the fertility rate continues to decline.

If you’re interested in this discussion and the implications of infectious disease, chronic disease, diet, exercise, genetics, the full article can be read HERE.

Can aging really be cured? And does the human age have a biological limit?

REALLY interesting and relevant. much love.



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