Long, active and happy life as a yogi

I’ve written about yogini’s who are young at heart (here), and Tao Porchon-Lynch is one of these amazing women who, at 96, holds the guiness world record as the world’s older certified yoga teacher (in Westchester County, New York).

In an interview with Yoga Journal, Tao shares some of the wisdoms she’s learned over the years.



Tao credits “breath“, more important than asana, in keeping her young: “Breathing is more important than anything else—poses that are not done correctly are not going to help. It’s how much you can feel the breath moving throughout your body. If you’re in touch with the breath inside you, there’s nothing you can’t do.”

And, her secrets to a long healthy life?: “I don’t believe in getting old. In America, look how many beautiful trees are hundreds of years old. They are losing leaves but they are not dying—they are recycling. In a few months, spring will start up again. You can learn so much from nature.”

Tao Porchon-Lynch’s 5 Rules for a Long, Happy Life
1. Don’t procrastinate—tomorrow never comes.
2. You can’t believe in something if you only do it halfway.
3. Each day, whatever is in your mind materializes.
4. Never think about what can go wrong. I know my best day is every day.
5. If you wait for something good to happen, it will. Don’t look for tragedy.

… an example of how it only gets better with age! much love.

(J.D. Friedman, yogajournal.com November 20, 2014)


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