National Parkinson Foundation’s yoga & wellness retreat at Kripalu – Join us!

Did you know that registration is now open for two Parkinson’s wellness retreats at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains, near Stockbridge, Massachusetts? Join the Kripalu, the National Parkinson Foundation, myself and other PD experts!

See my previous experiences at this retreat for pictures, descriptions and schedule ideas: June 2012, June 2013, October 2013 (click on dates for links).


Program Sessions

Spring Program:  June 15-19, 2014 “Navigating a New World: Wellness Retreat for People Living with Parkinson’s and Their Care Partners”

This program (PD-201) is designed for patients who have been diagnosed for more than 3 years and who meet mobility requirements.


Fall Program:  October 19 – 23, 2014 “Navigating a New World: Wellness Retreat for Recently Diagnosed Parkinson’s Patients and Their Family and Friends”

The autumn program is designed for patients who have been diagnosed within the last three years and are able to meet the mobility requirements.

About the program

The Kripalu/NPF sponsored Wellness Retreat is a 4-day program in which attendees will participate in a combination of educational sessions taught by Parkinson’s specialists, daily Kripalu Yoga and YogaDance™ classes, exercise and physical training for longevity. Speakers include: Nina Browner, MDSusan Imke, RN;  Kaitlyn Roland, PhDMaria Sirios, Psy

To Register & For More Information

Visit The National Parkinson Foundations retreat webpage HERE

or visit Kripalu Centre for Yoga and Health Healthy Living programs HERE



… if you have any questions about this retreat, please feel free to comment below OR email me at: kaitlyn.p.roland [at] gmail [dot] com … It’s such a wonderful experience, and I happy to talk to you more about it!

I can’t wait to be back at Kripalu with this amazing group of Parkinson yogis for a week of connection, learning and transformation. much love.



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