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Introducing: Parkinson Wellness Project

Well, hello, it’s been a while! Between having a sweet baby boy, practicing parenthood and figuring out how to contribute to the scientific community again, it’s been a wonderful couple years! I wanted to introduce you to what I’ve been involved in (with many wonderful selfless and passionate people) for the past couple years… Parkinson Wellness Project! Parkinson Wellness Project… Read more »

Wearable health data monitoring – is it really useable? Implications for physicians and Parkinson’s research.

With the availability of devices that can track health information – you know, those wristbands and phone apps that measure how much exercise you’re getting or how many calories you’re eating – it’s no surprise that patients are bringing this information to their primary care physicians. Wearable-digital-health-information industry is a fast growing market – worth between $3 billion and $5 billion (Credit… Read more »

Being a woman with Parkinson’s disease – does it make a difference? A call for research and advocacy.

Absolutely. – We have different bodies, different hearts, different experiences and have different care needs. We know that Parkinson’s disease is very individual from person-to-person, but both sex (biology) and gender (social/cultural constructs) may contribute to these differences. There is a need to understand the particular impact of this disease on women, in general – we need to better understand and address… Read more »

Predicting cognitive changes in Parkinson’s #parkinsons #PDdementia #cognition

So, it’s not new information that you can develop some cognitive changes with Parkinson’s disease (PD). Not everyone with PD experiences some changes to memory, language, executive function, mood, personality or behaviour; however, people with PD are 6x more likely to develop one of these issues (to differing levels of severity) compared with persons of the same age without-PD. If… Read more »

Drug developments in Parkinson’s disease

Have you heard the latest drug developments in Parkinson’s disease? I thought I’d take a minute to break it all down for you…   RYTARY™ Impax Laboratories Inc.‘s drug called “RYTARY™” was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration early January (and available in 4 weeks). RYTARY™ is an extended release carbidopa-levodopa available in 4 strengths. Patients taking RYTARY™ in… Read more »

16 things I would want, if I got Dementia by Rachael Wonderlin

[ the full article can be seen at Rachael Wonderlin’s blog and LinkedIn ] Rachael Wonderlin, of the blog dementia-by-day, discusses her fears around living with dementia and shares a beautifully written list of rules to hang on your wall and live by. It seemed too well-written to not share!  much love. If I get dementia, I want my friends and… Read more »

Community Scientific Talk: Dr. Erich Mohr from Medgenesis Therapeutics

There is a new trial in the UK that is testing whether a drug called GDNF has the potential to slow the course of Parkinson’s, which is something no current treatment can do. Harnessing growth factors, such as GDNF, is though to help dopamine-producing nerve cells from dying in the Parkinson’s brain. This trial is sponsored by Parkinson’s UK, with support from… Read more »

Muhammad Ali: still the greatest (… and hanging with Snoop Dogg!)

Even though his famous shuffle is no longer famous for his quickstep but more for it’s slow wobble, Muhammad Ali is one of the most loved sports figure in history. Ali, aged 72, made the news recently (Dec 6, 2014) with his appearance at his grandson’s high school football game… sitting with Snoop Dogg! (see a video of them together HERE)!… Read more »

An intimate look at caring for Parkinson’s disease from TIME Magazine

Every month, in their series “Taking Care”, Times Magazine does a article covering the lives of caregivers and the people they care for. This month, they take an intimate look at Parkinson’s disease. The article, and accompanying video (HERE), depicts the life of Eleanor Copeman. How her story was one of vibrant, joyful cook, dancer and matriarch who gradually became… Read more »