An intimate look at caring for Parkinson’s disease from TIME Magazine

Every month, in their series “Taking Care”, Times Magazine does a article covering the lives of caregivers and the people they care for. This month, they take an intimate look at Parkinson’s disease.


The article, and accompanying video (HERE), depicts the life of Eleanor Copeman. How her story was one of vibrant, joyful cook, dancer and matriarch who gradually became dependent on her daughter and husband when her Parkinson’s disease, and eventual dementia, became too much. They discuss challenges associated with caregiving, including the role change from daughter/husband to caretaker, and the intensity and vigilence required.

The video of photos, done by Abbie Kraftowitz, depict the daily live of this family as Eleanor progresses. It is a really powerful video about love – you can watch it here:

much love.


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