Community Scientific Talk: Dr. Erich Mohr from Medgenesis Therapeutics

There is a new trial in the UK that is testing whether a drug called GDNF has the potential to slow the course of Parkinson’s, which is something no current treatment can do. Harnessing growth factors, such as GDNF, is though to help dopamine-producing nerve cells from dying in the Parkinson’s brain.

This trial is sponsored by Parkinson’s UK, with support from the Cure Parkinson’s Trust and in association with the North Bristol NHS Trust. Medgenesis Therapeutix Inc. is the company providing the GDNF and placebo.

You can find out more about the clinical trial from Parkinson’s UK HERE and from Medgenesis HERE.

Lucky for us, Medgenesis is based in Victoria BC and next month ParkinGo is hosting a community talk with Dr. Erich Mohr, founder, chairman and CEO! Looking forward to all Dr. Mohr has to share about the potential benefits of GDNF for Parkinson’s! See you there – much love.


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