“my life with Parkinson’s”: a neuroscientists reflections

I want to share this article I found last month in Nature, an international science journal.

It’s written by a young professor at a major research university and explores the stigma of ‘mental illness’.

He is a brain scientist with a disabling disease of the brain, Parkinson’s disease.

Does Parkinson’s affect the way he does science? Does is affect the day-to-day mechanics of experiments? Or his scientific research direction?


I’m going to leave it at that, and let the article speak for itself… READ IT HERE … I found it really insightful!

Enjoy – much love.

0 thoughts on ““my life with Parkinson’s”: a neuroscientists reflections

  1. lkwatts67

    Thank you for sharing this story. My mother has parkinson’s–as did my father though he passed away of other causes before the Parklinson’s kicked in strongly. Mom, at 86, is in a nursing home now. She has no independent mobility so relies on nursing center staff for all of her mobility needs. She has lost epiglottal function so she is on a pureed food diet. The family has watched her decline over the past four years. She is in an excellent nursing facility and my sister lives nearby so is her regular family caregiver. We all visit her as often as possible, so she has more visitors than most might in her condition. It is difficult to watch, yet, as with any life condition, I can also see its gifts. She has softened as she has had to accept being cared for by the staff. ANd she has seen and feels how much we love her.

    1. kaitlynroland

      Hi and thanks for sharing your mother’s story. It’s hard to see loved ones journey with Parkinson’s. It sounds like she’s lucky to be in excellent care with family members who truly love her! take care, k


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