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Gait, Balance and Falls – PDF expert briefing

On Tuesday I took part in Parkinson’s Disease Foundation expert briefing on Gait, Balance and Falls in Parkinson’s disease. 1. Gait (walking) problems in Parkinson’s: Slow walking, difficult to keep up with people in the community Short, shuffling steps (step length gets smaller) Foot drags or catch (uneven surface i.e. sidewalk, rug) Arms swing less (one side more than other)… Read more »

break a sweat for PD

As we get older, our brain shrinks… yep it’s inevitable… all those thoughts, memories and white matter just waste away. White matter is especially important, like the wiring of our brain that is associated with cognitive function and memory. Especially in PD, preserving brain volume could potentially improve motor and cognitive symptoms and anxiety. A few recent studies show how… Read more »