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Five yoga poses for better waves

Since moving to the west coast, surfing has played a (large?) role in my life. What we do on the weekends (tofino, tofino. tofino), where we travel to (“is there an ocean?” “is there surf?”), when we travel (winter storms = best waves). I’ve written about surfing and yoga poses I do here and recently, lessons from learning to surf here…. Read more »

UPCOMING Parkinson’s yoga workshop: July 14th

… don’t forget Victoria Parkinson’s Yogi’s, THIS SUNDAY is my next yoga for Parkinson’s workshop! Join me as we work on postural stability and balance at MokSana Yoga Studio (#500-3 Fan Tan Alley) July 14th from 1:30-3:30pm. contact me at: kaitlyn.p.roland@gmail.com or 250.589.2046 – **For the rest of the months of July and August, check out my weekly blog posts… Read more »

Tutorial: Nah-dee-show-DAH-nah

Nadi (=”channel”) Shodhana (= “cleaning” “purifying”) Pranayama is an alternate-nostril breathing exercise. The right hand is placed in Mrigi Mudra (a Sanskrit word meaning “to seal, close, or lock up” or “gesture”) by pressing your hand into a fist with your index and middle fingers firmly into the base of your thumb. Stretch out the ring and pinky fingers. Keep your pinky relatively straight,… Read more »

Gait, Balance and Falls – PDF expert briefing

On Tuesday I took part in Parkinson’s Disease Foundation expert briefing on Gait, Balance and Falls in Parkinson’s disease. 1. Gait (walking) problems in Parkinson’s: Slow walking, difficult to keep up with people in the community Short, shuffling steps (step length gets smaller) Foot drags or catch (uneven surface i.e. sidewalk, rug) Arms swing less (one side more than other)… Read more »

perfect posture

kaitlynroland   December 19, 2012   No Comments on perfect posture

WHAT? “every inch of forward head posture can increased the weight on the spine by 10lbs?” Mom was right, stand up straight! Stooped posture is commonly associated with long term Parkinson’s disease. Postural instability can cause patients to have a stooped posture in which the head is bowed and the shoulders are drooped. As the disease progresses, walking may be affected… Read more »


kaitlynroland   April 24, 2012   No Comments on inspiration

my second Yoga for Parkinson’s session is coming to a close, and am I ever going to miss those ladies! I’ve had such a wonderful time with them, watching them move with more grace, balance, and awareness as the weeks went on- so inspiring. some things that have stuck with me along the way… for some, there is a greater struggle… Read more »