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Being an informed “exerciser” with Parkinson’s

… To follow up from Tuesday’s post, here are a few things to incorporate and/or consider when you are exercising… 1. Cues/Attentional Training Attentional training provides a non-automatic drive for movement scale and timing; what this means is, attentional training and cues MAY compensate for faulty brain circuitry and improve performance. The ability to move in PD is not lost;… Read more »

open your heart : yoga workshop for parkinson’s

Hi Parkinson’s Yogis! If you live in the victoria area, join me on August 11th for my next yoga workshop for Parkinson’s at Moksana yoga centre. We’ll focus on targetting the muscles of the upper back and opening the chest. Specifically the postures will help address stooped posture and postural instability, creating more space in the upper body. – Please… Read more »

perfect posture

kaitlynroland   December 19, 2012   No Comments on perfect posture

WHAT? “every inch of forward head posture can increased the weight on the spine by 10lbs?” Mom was right, stand up straight! Stooped posture is commonly associated with long term Parkinson’s disease.┬áPostural instability can cause patients to have a stooped posture in which the head is bowed and the shoulders are drooped. As the disease progresses, walking may be affected… Read more »