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summer yoga series: vacation and tie stretches

So, you probably know how the story goes… One thing leads to another and here we are thinking about the changing of the seasons and throwing on a sweater and a pair of socks! Well, no, not really. But, it has been a while. How are you? After 2 (glorious!!) weeks in Hawaii with friends and family (celebrating a wedding!… Read more »

summer yoga series: head-to-knee forward bend

Head-to-knee forward fold is a great way to take a few introspective moments during our day. It lengthens our back bodies (spine, hamstrings), and the asymmetry in the pose allows us to focus on the sensations in one-side of our bodies at a time. Benefits Calms the brain and helps relieve mild depression Stretches the spine, shoulders, hamstrings, and groins… Read more »

summer yoga series: low lunge + twist

Low Lunge twist is a yoga pose that helps to improve the strength and flexibility in your hip flexors, legs, back and knees. The twist helps encourage spinal flexibility and stimulates digestion and internal organs. Spinal mobility is extremely important as we age for balance and posture. Twisting is great for preserving movements of looking both ways before we cross the… Read more »

summer yoga series: cat cow

Last summer I did a weekly book review series “summer reads” (life in the balance, the great work of your life, WHOLE, enlightenment for idiots, prions, may you be happy, and poser) and this year I’m going to provide you with a weekly yoga pose. Something simple that you can integrate into your own yoga practice, or maybe inspire you to start… Read more »

yogadopa summer workshops!

I’m excited to announce that Yogadopa and Neuromotion Physiotherapy are running TWO YOGA FOR PARKINSON’S SUMMER WORKSHOPS! Thursday July 17th will cover some core (abdominal) work, focus on postural alignment and gentle opening of the chest… Great for anyone with a stooped posture and will provide some take-home tips! Thursday August 21st will focus on finding our feet on the floor, work on… Read more »

yoga for parkinson’s kripalu retreat with the national parkinson foundation

Hey everyone! Sorry for the radio silence around here! My schedule has been full of yoga, research and visitors 🙂 I was grateful to be included as a speaker at the latest A Wellness Retreat for People with Parkinson’s and their Care Partners. The retreat was hosted again at the Kripalu Centre for Yoga and Health in partnership with the… Read more »

addressing inner thoughts, reactions and emotions with yoga and compassion

  Last week in our Yogadopa class we spent a lot of time moving and stretching slowly, focusing on connecting with our bodies and noticing what goes on inside our heads when we are practicing yoga. I wanted to share some of the thoughts I had, notes I wrote and discussions we had as a class on emotional response, judging… Read more »

A visit with the Sechelt Parkinson’s group!

Last week I spent a couple (sunny! warm!) days on the Sunshine Coast. I was teaching Yogadopa and speaking to the Sechelt and area Parkinson’s group. I took a scenic flight from Victoria with Greg from FlyCoastal! … was pretty beautiful to see all the Gulf Islands, coast and active pass from the sky! And a great deal too! –… Read more »

Upcoming Parkinson’s workshops in Sechelt BC, May 13: Yogadopa and Cognition

For any of you in the area, I will be in Sechelt British Columbia next week doing some yogadopa in the morning and discussing both motor and non-motor changes in PD in the afternoon. Care partners are also welcome to join as both sessions will be applicable to you too (everyone can use a little more yoga in their lives,… Read more »

Yoga for Parkinson’s in Saskatoon SK

Hey, did you know if you have Parkinson’s disease and are living in Saskatoon you can take specific yoga classes too? Adrianne Vangool is a physiotherapist and yoga instructor who teachers weekly Parkinson’s yoga classes at One Yoga. You can find out more on her website: So, if you live in the area, check her classes out and tell her… Read more »