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A little blogging break…

The blog isn’t going anywhere. However, I’ve been on a little blogging break. Between my research, involvement in ParkinGo, teaching yoga and growing a new little member of our family (yup! due this month!), I’ve had to prioritize how I spend my time. I’m not going anywhere. However, I’m going to spend the next bit of time focusing on parenting. I don’t plan… Read more »

summer yoga series: head-to-knee forward bend

Head-to-knee forward fold is a great way to take a few introspective moments during our day. It lengthens our back bodies (spine, hamstrings), and the asymmetry in the pose allows us to focus on the sensations in one-side of our bodies at a time. Benefits Calms the brain and helps relieve mild depression Stretches the spine, shoulders, hamstrings, and groins… Read more »

parkinson bloggers: an update

I thought i’d share an update of what i’ve been reading… blogger addition. some in this list are new, some have been mentioned HERE (parkinson blogger gals) or HERE (more parkinson blogs) but all are wonderful PERSONAL blogs about experiences living with PD. … what have you… Read more »

self-portraits with alzheimer’s disease

I went to an interesting talk last week, titled “a dialogue on aging, developmental disabilities and dementia” and learned a lot about how dementia impacts older persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. – … Like how older persons (>40yrs) with down-syndrome are at a high risk (25%+) for developing Alzheimer’s disease. And the implications of that on health services, aging… Read more »

my favourite APPS: National Parkinson Foundation

Have you seen National Parkinson Foundation‘s new app? It’s a really comprehensive app designed to provide information on symptoms, both motor and non-motor (they have a great section on depression), current research, treatments and where to go for more resources and support! You can access the app HERE, or follow National Parkinson Foundation on twitter or facebook! Check it out, what… Read more »

thoughts about genetic testing

“I’ve got the gene for …” Have you thought about genetic testing? Thought about finding out what might be in store for you? Would finding out something change the decisions you make? Change how you live your life? Would knowing empower you or cripple you by casting a shadow over the rest of your life? A “family decision”? … because… Read more »

my favourite APPS: World Parkinson Congress

I’m not sure if you know, but the 3rd World Parkinson Congress is coming to Montreal this October! … and they have an amazing app to help you navigate all the speakers, sessions and renewal room programs. Check it out! And visit their website HERE or follow them on twitter and Facebook! much love. – p.s. if you are heading to… Read more »

Stress management, self-care and yoga!

Hey Islanders … have you seen the latest copy of Victoria Epilepsy & Parkinson’s Centre‘s TRANSMITTER newsletter??? – If not, check out some of the upcoming Parkinson’s programs… including my talk on STRESS MANAGEMENT AND SELF-CARE on April 25th in Westshore! We will be discussing Parkinson’s self-care strategies, doing some yogic breathing and stress-relieveing exercises!– – Also, have you seen… Read more »

Dance for Parkinson’s: TANGO

Tango includes both single-time steps, or steps on the beat, and double-time steps, or steps between two beats … and dancing to this beat may benefit people with Parkinson’s disease. Since 2007, Dr Madeline E. Hackney PhD has been demonstrating the benefits of tango dance on balance, ability to complete spatial tasks, mood, coordination and endurance improvements in people with Parkinson’s… Read more »