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yoga breathing 101

“…something that is really very poorly recognized in the medical or the yoga literature: that moving your joints is one of the strongest stimuli to breathing properly and deeply. There are little movement receptors inside all of our joints, and they send signals that go directly and indirectly to the apneustic center, one of the centers in the brain that… Read more »

Gerontologists and family on the East Coast

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks… I was at the WPC2013 in Montreal, the first week of October, and recently have been on the east coast for a couple conferences. The Canadian association on gerontology held their annual conference in Halifax… which, is close to family for me! I presented some PDF research on categorizing dementia caregiver stressors across neurodegenerative… Read more »

The great work of your life : summer reads

Stephen Cope is the director of the Kripalu Institute for Extraordinary Living (and who I had the pleasure of meeting and listening to at the NPF/Kripalu Parkinson’s yoga retreat in June!). His book The Great Work of Your Life is a guide to help you on your own life’s journey to find and embrace your true calling, or dharma (click on… Read more »

my guest posts on contributors.healthline.com

hey … did you know healthline.com has a new site “Healthline Contributors“, showcasing persons with expertise and interest to share interesting stories or advice? I was asked to contribute a few pieces, and you can check out all my guest posts HERE … on topics such as; “incorporating yoga into Parkinson’s disease management“ my latest publication on “Parkinson’s and changes to… Read more »

enlightenment for idiots : summer reads

In Enlightenment for Idiots, by Anne Cushman, at the command of her editor, Amanda heads to India to write a guidebook on Enlightenment. To her enlightenment is defined as; “As I understand it, enlightenment is a state of blissful awareness that’s not dependent on any external circumstances… It’s the understanding that you’re not separate from anything else in the universe; the… Read more »

UPCOMING Parkinson’s yoga workshop: July 14th

… don’t forget Victoria Parkinson’s Yogi’s, THIS SUNDAY is my next yoga for Parkinson’s workshop! Join me as we work on postural stability and balance at MokSana Yoga Studio (#500-3 Fan Tan Alley) July 14th from 1:30-3:30pm. contact me at: kaitlyn.p.roland@gmail.com or 250.589.2046 – **For the rest of the months of July and August, check out my weekly blog posts… Read more »

yoga after 50 (or starting yoga at any age!)

“Is yoga good for the aging population? My answer is yes.” Dr. Loren Fishman recently answered questions in the NY Times about starting a yoga practice later in life. It starts by describing the cognitive and physical fluidity in which Mr. Iyengar himself moves through the world… “I think Mr. Iyengar is an example of what yoga can do for… Read more »

may YOU be happy: a book review

I recently read “May I be Happy: a memoir of love, yoga and changing my mind” by Cyndi Lee. This inspiring memoir reflects her lifelong struggles with body image and insecurities. It has a great message about being kind to oneself and how we can use our yoga practice to change our relationship with our body and the life choices… Read more »

yoga for your heart

The connection between yoga meditation and breath techniques and the ability to influence the heart rate has been known to yogis for a long time. New research is catching up and is showing yoga is good for your heart! Specifically, yoga may be good for a condition called atrial fibrillation (AF). AF is an irregular heart beat where the hearts 2 upper… Read more »