Check out the NEW ParkinGO Wellness Society!


ParkinGO is a new wellness organization starting up on Vancouver Island. It’s mission is to focus attention on people with Movement Disorders and their caregivers, and to emphasize the role of exercise in helping improve quality of life. Jillian Carson PT and her team aim to provide a community centre that will enable clients to exercise, together or individually, under the guidance of a PD exercise specialist. The ultimate goal is to empower people with PD to exercise towards better health management and improve sense of community and social support.

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Jillian is a great friend of mine and advocate for persons living with PD. She is a physiotherapist and specializes in PWR! ( for persons with PD. Jillian is also a WPC2016 Ambassador ( ! Check out ParkinGO’s website at : or contact Jillian (see below) to see how you can get involved! much love.



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