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yoga for rounded shoulders

To address tight and rounded shoulders, something commonly seen in our society, we can use the¬†serratus anterior and middle trapezius to balance and stabilize the shoulders. In our body, muscles work in pairs – one contracts, and opposing one relaxes (i.e. think about how your biceps and triceps work when you bend your elbow). This means that we¬†need to exercise… Read more »

Tutorial: teaching an old (downward) dog new tricks

Teachers can get stuck in how they explain yoga postures and students can get stuck in patterns of holding. Yoga is like learning a new language (uhh, sometimes it is… sanskrit!) and it make take years to translate from mind to body. Teachers have the opportunity to examine how they are using language and presenting postures… it’s up to them… Read more »

love your shoulders

i had another amazing workshop with the lovely Jay Fields (see earlier post on standing stronger & softer) at Trinity Yoga Centre. This session focused on Downward Dog… a pose commonly used to visualize hatha yoga. It was an opportunity to explore the shoulder girdle, psoas, muscle of the lower legs and feet – and generally feel the interconnectedness of… Read more »