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Community Scientific Talk: Dr. Erich Mohr from Medgenesis Therapeutics

There is a new trial in the UK that is testing whether a drug called GDNF has the potential to slow the course of Parkinson’s, which is something no current treatment can do. Harnessing growth factors, such as GDNF, is though to help dopamine-producing nerve cells from dying in the Parkinson’s brain. This trial is sponsored by Parkinson’s UK, with support from… Read more »

Muhammad Ali: still the greatest (… and hanging with Snoop Dogg!)

Even though his famous shuffle is no longer famous for his quickstep but more for it’s slow wobble, Muhammad Ali is one of the most loved sports figure in history. Ali, aged 72, made the news recently (Dec 6, 2014) with his appearance at his grandson’s high school football game… sitting with Snoop Dogg! (see a video of them together HERE)!… Read more »

microglia: the key to Alzheimer’s? A new study.

microglia cells are the immune defence for central nervous system (brain + spinal cord). They are extremely sensitive and monitors suspicious activity – and similar to garbage collectors, microglia scavenge for dead, damaged and/or infectious cells … like “A-beta” which accumulates and clumps together to form “plaques” implicated in Alzheimer’s disease (AD). A new study from Stanford University published in The Journal of Clinical… Read more »

An intimate look at caring for Parkinson’s disease from TIME Magazine

Every month, in their series “Taking Care”, Times Magazine does a article covering the lives of caregivers and the people they care for. This month, they take an intimate look at Parkinson’s disease. The article, and accompanying video (HERE), depicts the life of Eleanor Copeman. How her story was one of vibrant, joyful cook, dancer and matriarch who gradually became… Read more »

Long, active and happy life as a yogi

I’ve written about yogini’s who are young at heart (here), and Tao Porchon-Lynch is one of these amazing women who, at 96, holds the guiness world record as the world’s older certified yoga teacher (in Westchester County, New York). In an interview with Yoga Journal, Tao shares some of the wisdoms she’s learned over the years. Tao credits “breath“, more… Read more »

Upcoming Campbell River BC events!

  Join ME for back-to-Back events in Campbell River! I will be speaking with caregivers on Tuesday Dec 9th about how to manage ‘healthily’ as a caregiver and improve self-efficacy; and on Wednesday Dec 10th, I’ll be discussing how are muscles work, how that is impacted with Parkinson’s disease, and how exercise (incl. yoga) can help! …. looking forward to… Read more »

gerontology in Washington DC – bits and pics 11/12

  … are you ready for an onslaught of photos? I spent last week in Washington DC at the Gerontological Society of America’s scientific meeting. It was a really well run conference, with so many sessions to choose from and high-quality research presented. It was nice to catch up with old friends and colleagues too! I presented some of my… Read more »

Niagara (in the) Fall[s] – bits and pics 10/12

I had the chance to present some of my research at the Canadian Association on Gerontology’s annual Scientific Meeting. I’ve been attending this conference for 4+ years, and truly value the connections I’ve made through this organization. It’s so nice to see familiar faces year after year, and recognize all that my peers have accomplished! I was also excited because the… Read more »

Can aging really be cured?

Have you seen the October cover of The Atlantic? Gregg Easterbrook discusses how society will change if life-expectancy trends continue (umm, meaning if we all continue to live longer!). Life expectancy is currently 83 years in Canada, and if the trend continues – by the end of the century, it will be 100 years! – Longevity research is a hot topic –… Read more »