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i’m still here

I’ve been pretty absent lately… partly due to that overwhelming feeling you get when things are coming to an end or a change is happening. Somehow my drive to keep up with all my projects is gone. Lately, I’m feeling focused on writing my dissertation (though without much excitement it seems), enthusiastic about my PD yoga class,  but seem to be looking… Read more »

work-life balance / take a time out, caregivers!

I came across a WONDERFUL blog post this morning… Nora Issacs guest blog post on Yoga Journal discussed how work/life balance is achievable… and do you know what point#1 was? STOP MULTITASKING! I knew I was on to something… hope you’re still with me 🙂 You can check out the post by clicking HERE! – … now, on another note… caregivers… Read more »

it’s that time again…

so, it’s marking time… – it’s marking time every week (almost). It’s not that I mind… it’s just that I’d rather… – drink some coffee – make some homemade soup (… and thanks for the idea pip!) – or snuggle with this guy. In other words, procrastinate. But, I really trying to keep focused and do some “mono-marking”… supplemented with… Read more »

time to eat! … and mindful kitchen time

As some of you know, we were flooded out of our apartment for TWO MONTHS in the fall We were pretty lucky, insurance covered any damages (minimal!), stored our belongings and paid for our “accommodations” during those two months… Levon got a kick out of the big hotel bed and friendly staff 🙂 We were lucky to have the excuse… Read more »

meaningful conversations

… so i’m still on the “mono-tasking train”… it’s quite a journey, sometimes I hop off (fall off?), and other times i’m standing at the tracks thumbing a ride… but I’m still working on it. – I’ve been thinking a lot about meaningful conversations… my favourite (well, usual) time to talk on the phone is when i’m making dinner. …… Read more »

eating with myself…

this is me (though maybe not the burger, but definitely the coffee)… or what I don’t want to be anymore … – studies show that people who eat while “plugged-in”, whether it be work, or the tv at home eat 300 more calories, increasing likelihood of becoming obese and developing related conditions (i.e. type2 diabetes). do you try to sit… Read more »

one tooth at a time

Happy (Mindful) Wednesday! Every Wednesday I plan to sharing the joys and struggles of my journey with “mono-tasking”. I think this idea can help create awareness in your life and foster an appreciation for the little moments, which is pretty sweet. 1. Three minutes of teeth time I have this feeling that brushing my teeth is an opportunity to get… Read more »


kaitlynroland   January 4, 2012   No Comments on mono-tasking

so, it’s officially 2012… the party hats have been put away and it’s back to reality. And this year i’ve met my match of resolutions: mono-tasking This is a concept that I’ve been sitting with for a while. I admit, in some instances, being able to juggle multiple papers and projects at various stages of completion, keeping your eye on… Read more »